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Everything Apple Newsletter - Issue #7

Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch
🎉 Happy New Year 🎉
New year, a new issue of the Everything Apple Newsletter. 2022 has gotten off to a good start, and I see a great year ahead for all things Apple.
Due to the holidays, not much happened around Apple, but there was a little. Therefore it is going to be a short newsletter this week.
Grab a coffee, tea, water, or whatever your thing is, and enjoy!

💬 Shortcuts Community
Frederik Riedel recently created a new app called, one sec that uses the Shortcuts Automation feature to be a “watchman” when you open a social media app. I have been using this and have been enjoying it.
one sec – fight the social media algorithm
I came across a tweet from Justin Cox mentioning he updated his Shortcut for the Day One journal app. He added various thought-seeking questions. He shared a portion of the Shortcut for the community to get a glimpse of it.
📱 Apps Using Shortcuts
Stephen Hayes, the developer of the fantastic task tracking app, Recurrence, recently added Shortcuts support to the app. Now you can create Shortcuts to complete tasks and more without opening up the app.
@stroughtonsmith Added Siri Shortcut support for my recurring todo tracker app, Recurrence!
🧑🏻‍💻 Developer's Den
Steve Troughton-Smith was so kind to centralize all of his sample code for Mac Catalyst into a GitHub list for everyone to access quickly. Thanks, Steve!
Steve Troughton-Smith
⭐️ I’ve put all of my Mac Catalyst sample code in one GitHub list to make it easier to find. Primarily UIKit-focused, it covers everything from preference windows to AppleScript to everything you see here
With a HUGE announcement from the Swift Server Work Group, a brand new extension for Visual Studio Code was released, allowing developers to develop Swift packages outside of Xcode.
You can download it from the Visual Studio marketplace here.
Tim Condon
Happy holidays! We've just published the first release of the Swift for Visual Studio Code 🚀

Huge shout out to @o_aberration and @pwsacademy for driving this forward!

More details:
Forge, the app from Flo writes Code, which allows developers to create marketing images for their apps easily, just got a new shiny update. The anticipated automated export feature is now available.
Flo writes Code
The first version of automated export is now live for Forge!

Since I'm not running a public Testflight, I would appreciate feedback and ideas about this version (1.4) even more!
📰 Latest Apple News
The AirTags has been in the news lately and not in a good way. It seems that thieves are hiding them in cars to be able to track them and steal them at the right time.
The other day, I came across a tweet from a lady that said her half-sister found an AirTag in her luggage that wasn’t hers. 😳
paddingtonbear.eth (🧸,🧸)
my half sister who flew here to visit for the holidays just found an apple airtag in her luggage that’s not hers… wtf
Mark German expects to see the new iPhone 14 models with Hole-Punch display, redesigned MacBook Airs with the M2 chip, and more be launched this year.
Gurman: iPhone 14 Models With Hole-Punch Display, Redesigned MacBook Air With M2 Chip, and More to Launch in 2022 - MacRumors
The newest ad from Apple titled “911, what’s your emergency?”, really hits you in the feels. 🥺 It highlights how vital the Apple Watch is.
The Verge
Apple’s new ad invites you to imagine dying alone without a Watch on your wrist
🧩 Update on my Shortcuts Gallery
It’s taking me longer than expected to get my Shortcuts gallery moved over from Airtable to my website. Currently, there are only two on my website. So, until I get them moved over, I will add the Airtable embed of my table consisting of all the Shortcuts. At least my Shortcuts will be available for anyone via my website. Be on the lookout for the table to be added shortly.
Shortcuts Gallery | Kyle Reddoch
Well, I told you it was a short newsletter. 😁
Thanks again for reading and your support! Don’t forget to share with those who might enjoy this newsletter.
Until the next issue, have a wonderful and productive week!
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Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch @winphankyle

An exciting newsletter filled with wonderful things. Code, Nerdy stuff, Apple news, Shortcuts, and my own development journey. Set back, grab a coffee, and enjoy!

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