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Everything Apple Newsletter - Issue #6

Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch
Welcome to Issue #6 of the Everything Apple Newsletter. This is the last issue of 2021.
This week has seen some more apps bring Shortcut support (which is the norm now). The community shared some great findings in the new betas of iOS/iPadOS and macOS around Shortcuts. Looking for some good Shortcuts? I share some must-have Shortcuts.
Developers got a huge surprise when Swift Playground 4 came out! Read on to find out what all the fuss was about.
To wrap things up, I share a hidden gem I think every Apple fan will enjoy!
Enjoy the issue - I will be back in 2 weeks with a new issue for the new year.

💯 New in Shortcuts
Kodos 2.0 update now supports Shortcuts automations. You can now manage your QR-code lists and generate QR-codes.
Kodos 2.0 supports automations using the Shortcuts app - manage QR-code lists, generate QR-codes in light and dark mode
LaunchBar’s latest release now adds support for Shortcuts. I have been waiting for this support for awhile now.
LaunchBar 6.15 has been released today, adding support for Shortcuts on macOS Monterey and much more.
The newest update to OmniFocus introduces Omni’s Automation actions for Shortcuts.
OmniFocus 3.12 introduces Omni Automation actions for Shortcuts, improves sync performance in some cases, improves app activation times on iOS 15, and fixes some issues with renewing an active subscription. This update requires iOS 14 or later.
😎 From the Community
Federico discovered that in the 12.2 beta of Monterey, Apple finally fixed the ‘Find Windows’ action in Shortcuts. You can now see thumbnails of all open windows and it runs automatically. This is a very welcomed improvement.
Federico Viticci
Great news for Shortcuts users:

In macOS Monterey 12.2 beta, Apple fixed the 'Find Windows' action. It now runs *immediately* and finds all currently open windows. There are even thumbnail previews for them.

Built-in, fast, *visual* scripting for windows now works properly 🎉
He also found that in both iOS ad iPadOS 15.3 beta that the Edit Reminder action has been fixed to again reschedule reminders. Before, it was failing to do so. Now we are able to batch reschedule reminders.
Federico Viticci
Fixed in iOS/iPadOS 15.3 beta:

Shortcuts can now properly reschedule reminders with the Edit Reminder action, which was silently failing before.

This means you can now use shortcuts that batch reschedule tasks. 👍
Matthew is starting up his iMore column again and kicked it off with a wonderful piece on how Apple can unlock Shortcut’s full potential.
8 ways I wish Apple would fix Shortcuts | iMore
I came across this YouTube video of some great MUST HAVE Shortcuts.
MUST HAVE iOS 15 Shortcuts - Best iOS 15 Siri Shortcuts 2021 !
MUST HAVE iOS 15 Shortcuts - Best iOS 15 Siri Shortcuts 2021 !
Automating tasks on the Mac is now easy with Shortcuts. Here are 9 Shortcuts that you can download that are useful for any Mac user.
9 of the Most Helpful Shortcuts to Automate Tasks on Your Mac
Matthew beat me to creating a Shortcuts Community on the new Communities feature on Twitter. I was waiting for my invite and it finally came the day after. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Anyways, it is a great place to get ideas and help. Come join us!
Shortcuts Community on Twitter
🛠 Developer Den
This past week, Apple dropped a huge update to Swift Playgrounds. Version 4 now allows you to build full apps straight from your iPad! 😳
Apple Education
Introducing #SwiftPlaygrounds 4—build real apps on iPad! It takes you from your first line of code to your first app. We can’t wait to see what apps you create. Download on the App Store: #EveryoneCanCode
The development community went crazy from the news. Tweets started pouring in with reviews, first impressions, and more.
Steve Troughton-Smith
First impressions of Playgrounds 4 for iPad: the editor is blisteringly fast & responsive, finally! It feels much more like an IDE and less like a toy. I have a real iOS project structure and can build & run real apps — so much better
Paul Hudson
Swift Playgrounds 4 is out, and it's a thing of beauty – incredible speed, brilliant code completion, and many tweaks and improvements that make building SwiftUI apps a joy. Full review here:
Kenta Kubo
Swift Playgrounds 4 is an ideal IDE for iOS app development.
* Fast, fast, fast
* Responsive SwiftUI previews
* Swift Package-based app project
* Built-in document browser window
* Built-in SF Symbols browser
Paul with Hacking with Swift, even walks you through building your first app using Swift Playgrounds.
📰 Latest Apple News
Apple released the next developer betas for all devices right before the holiday break. Nothing appears to be big in these releases but rather under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements.
These new betas put us at iOS/iPadOs 15.3 beta 1, macOS 12.2 beta 1, watchOS 8.4 beta1, and tvOS 15.3 beta 1.
Releases - Apple Developer
Apple has moved back its Return to Office date yet again but this time didn’t set a new date. Tim Cook mentioned that Apple is giving each employee $1000 to buy office equipment for home.
Apple (AAPL) Delays Return to Office Until ‘Date Yet to Be Determined’ - Bloomberg
Universal Control which was debuted back at WWDC as a feature in the new macOS Monterey has been officially delayed until Spring now.
Apple Officially Delays macOS Monterey Universal Control Until The Spring by @SamiFathi_
💎 Hidden Gem
If you’ve been a fan of Apple and the MacBook for awhile, you’ll remember the good ‘ol 2010 plastic MacBook. The beautiful white casing with the smooth rounded edges. Not to mention the entire bottom of the device being rubber instead of the four feet we have now.
Well YouTuber Luke Milani, if you don’t follow him I suggest you do, he has wonderful content, recently bought a brand new, unsealed 2010 MacBook. He opens it up, turns it on, and even does a throwback mini review of it on his channel. Have a watch!
Unboxing the LAST plastic MacBook! sealed for 11 years!
Unboxing the LAST plastic MacBook! sealed for 11 years!
Well, that’s it for this week. Have a great week ahead!
A quick reminder that next week I am taking off so there will be no newsletter. I’ll be back Sunday, January 2nd with a new issue.
I have a few things planned for this newsletter in the new year so stay tuned.
Thank you for reading! If you are enjoying this newsletter, and know someone who might benefit from it, please share it with them. I always enjoy reaching new people.
If you come up with any great Shortcuts, don’t hesitate to share them online. I would love to feature you in an upcoming newsletter!
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Kyle Reddoch
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