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Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch
Well, welcome back to another issue of “Everything Apple Newsletter”. This is Issue #5! We are moving along rather well, gaining readers. Please share this will others that might be interested.
In case you missed it, this issue is the first that is starting the new Sunday delivery schedule. I made this change to be able to allow more time to gather the news to share. Cutting it short on Fridays didn’t allow for that.
(The week of Christmas I will also be taking off so there will be no issue delivered on December 26th.)
In this issue, I share a little bit about what’s new with me. A few apps I came across that have joined the ranks of including Shortcuts integration. Some more Shortcuts that the community has come up with. Then round it out with Apple’s Swift Algorithms package.

🆕 New from Me
Earlier I created my first Scriptable script using Javascript and JSON. This script was to pull data from WakaStats and display the last 7 days in a medium-sized iOS widget.
Kyle Reddoch
Just submitted my first @scriptableapp to the gallery! It’s awaiting addition.

It’s a widget that displays your combined @WakaTime data for the last 7 days.

In the meantime, you can find it here: https://t.co/O3gDGhey8Z
WakaStats - A Scriptable Script for Your WakaTime Data | Kyle Reddoch
I am also working on my next Scriptable script. This one will be for RescueTime and will be more involved design-wise. It will use the large-sized iOS widget.
🔗 Apps with Shortcuts Support
Timery, the most popular app on iOS for time-tracking, updated and brought along with it a nice addition for Shortcuts. As stated in their tweet tread, instead of having to add the Adjusted Date action, the app now includes parameters for adding specific times. Great addition by the developer and really shows that he sees how people are using the app.
In Shortcuts, the actions to start, stop, add, & update time entries have some new time options including setting start & stop times to minutes ago directly in the actions without having to use an Adjust Date action to calculate a new time. https://t.co/1hE08ZV5HM
The latest beta of Just Timers by Aaron Dippnerd allows the community to build rather complex timers using Shortcuts. Check out the entire Twitter thread for all the examples.
Just Timers
With the latest v2 beta, you can build complex interval timers using the Shortcuts app (and much more!)

Here are some example #Shortcuts to get started with
💥 Shortcut Ideas from the Community
Now that Monterey has been out for a while and we are about to get the release of the first .x increment of the OS, Alex shares what Shortcuts he uses on his Mac. These Shortcuts are amazing!
Alexander Käßner
It’s been a few weeks since Monterey was released. Time to share some #Shortcuts I use on my Mac.

Check out the thread! 👇 🧵

PS: RT’s and comments with your Shortcuts are appreciated! https://t.co/yezidJ6FfQ
Matthew created a little handy Shortcut for archiving his screenshots. He even created an automation and set it to run at 12am everyday.
Matthew Bischoff
This is precisely why I have a shortcut run at 12 AM every day to clean up Screenshots automatically and move them to a folder in iCloud. https://t.co/DaIwTjAsaL https://t.co/wadzplKw14
LaunchBar, my go to Spotlight replacement, is getting a native Shortcuts integration. It is great seeing apps getting into the Shortcuts.
👨🏽‍💻 On the Development Front
GitHub Codespaces + the GitHub CLI is a compelling resource. Being able to SSH into your GitHub Codespaces via terminal has its uses plus, it’s nerdy 😎.
Cory Wilkerson
🚢@github Codespaces + cli. Codespaces from your home in the terminal. ssh and make something great! https://t.co/Wa2zGC7Cpr
Well I guess Revue doesn’t show gifs that are included with tweets so…just click the tweet above to see it in action.
Anders Borum, the developer of Secure Shellfish, an amazing SSH app for iOS, updated it for this capability.
Anders Borum
I was blown away by this feature in GitHub CLI.

Being able to SSH into codespaces makes them about more than Visual Studio Code and I really wanted this on iOS.

Please update to Secure ShellFish 2021.47 and return here to see it in action.
https://t.co/bOVp8w8XGd https://t.co/dcXdfVxnjF
By the way, I am working on my full review of Secure Shellfish so be on the lookout for it!
Apple has an open-source package available called Swift Algorithms that allows developers to write better code. It is tuned for performance and flexibility. Paul Hudson wrote up a wonderful article about it covering its key features. You can also find the package on Apple’s GitHub.
Write better code with Swift Algorithms – Hacking with Swift
Well that’s it for this week.
Hope you’re having a wonderful end to 2021 and here’s to 2022! 🍻See you next week.
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Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch @winphankyle

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