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Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch
Welcome back to another issue of Everything Apple Newsletter! Hope this week has been well for you. Mine has been productive.
In this issue, we have a few news pieces on Shortcuts including a cool Shortcut for removing those pesky apple.news links from the Apple News app. Then I share some development stuff I have been working on and an app I’ve been using that I just absolutely enjoy. To round it out, we have some Apple news from this week.
Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, and dig in.

💡 Shortcuts News
I came across another Shortcut from Jarrod (HeyDingus.net) that takes a link from the Apple News app and removes the apple.news link and fetches the original weblink for an article. If you use Apple News, you know how frustrating this is when you share a news article to social media and the link is https://apple.news/somethitng and takes people to the Apple News app. With this Shortcut, problem solved.
Shortcuts Tips: Clean Up Apple News Links (De-news) — HeyDingus
The wonderful folks at XDA Developers have put together a super guide to Shortcuts on macOS. Get to know every detail about it from this well put guide.
A complete guide to Shortcuts on macOS
MacStories has done it again. John Vorhees has created a workflow that uses Shortcuts and Apple Script to batch run certain Shortcuts.
How to Batch Convert Shortcuts for Use Throughout Monterey and with Other Automation Apps - MacStories
💙 Noteworthy This Week
macOS Monterey has been out for a little while now and people are getting their hands on it. For the most part the reactions are good. How have you liked it?
MacRumors put together an article that features 40 tips, tricks, and features from Monterey. I think you will enjoy them.
macOS Monterey: 40 Tips, Tricks, and Features You Might Have Missed https://t.co/SN8SfIyBOC by @waxeditorial https://t.co/QDhG5ZoFK9
Did someone say 230+ macOS apps for one low price? Yes! With SetApp, you can get Mac apps for any job.
I have been using SetApp for about a month now and am really enjoying it. The apps are wonderful. What I really like about it are what they call “Collections”. They are curated collections of apps based on specific topics like; coding, writing, utilities, etc. Some of the apps on there have iOS versions as well!
If you’ve not tried it, use my referral link below and give it a whirl.
Setapp | Ultimate suite of 200+ Mac and iOS apps
“Now Page”. What the heck is that Kyle? Let me tell ya. I have created a new section on my website called, “What I’m Up To Right Now”, dubbed a now page. This will be a place that I will update regularly, my goal is monthly, with what I am doing. There will be an ongoing archive of previous versions as well.
What I’m Up To Right Now | Kyle Reddoch
🛠 Development Corner
I have been using the iOS/iPadOS app Working Copy for a while now and am really loving it! It is a fully-featured Git client that allows you to work with your repositories while on the go.
As you can see in my tweet, I was able to work on my site while on my iPhone IN MY CAR.
I am working on a full review and it will be posted on my site.
Kyle Reddoch
Damn I’m impressed! @WorkingCopyApp is truly an amazing tool for any developer. I just edited my site from my iPhone!!

My full review will be coming soon. https://t.co/eScRAV1Ge6
I have recently gotten into creating scripts for Scriptable. If you don’t know what that is, it is a wonderful app created by the developer of DataJar and Jayson, Simon Stovring. It allows you to create .js scripts that will show data as widgets on your home screen.
The first script that I created is one for WakaTime stats. It pulls your data from the last 7 days and displays it in a widget. I have submitted it to the Scriptable Gallery and it is pending addition. In the meantime, the code is available on my GitHub along with install instructions.
GitHub - kylereddoch/scriptable: A collection of my scriptable.app scripts
Swift Algorithms is an open source package by Apple that streamlines coding and turns performance and flexibility. The package is available on GitHub (link in article).
🍎 Latest Apple News
For World AIDs Day this year, Apple made available 6 new downloadable Watch faces that feature the recognizable shade of crimson.
Apple Makes Six (RED) Apple Watch Faces Available to Download and More for World AIDS Day - MacRumors
Apple is adding another iPhone to the “vintage” group later this month. They will be adding the iPhone 6 Plus. That’s right, the phone still supports iOS 15 but is old enough to be considered vintage by Apple. I still remember my Space Grey 6 Plus, that thing was a beast.
Apple Adding iPhone 6 Plus to Vintage Products List Later This Month https://t.co/KZmvOGF5MH by @rsgnl https://t.co/WfWtwyKUjC
New betas are here for Apple’s devices. December 1st came macOS Monterey and then December 2nd came iOS/iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This brings the betas to #4.
Releases - Apple Developer
Well that’s a wrap for this week. Until next time, have a good weekend!
P.S. Find anything interesting on the internet pertaining to Apple? Please share it with me! It will most likely make it in the newsletter and my Twitter account.
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Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch @winphankyle

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