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Everything Apple Newsletter - Issue #3

Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch
Welcome to Issue #3 of the Everything Apple Newsletter!
In this issue we have some deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Also, I highlight some interesting ideas that the community has come up with for Shortcuts. Jarrod Blundy shares a few Shortcut Tips (and Shortcuts) for Twitter and Amazon. Lastly, we round it out with some Apple News.
Personally, I am still working on moving my Shortcuts Gallery from Airtable to its new home on my website. It has been a slower process than I would like.
Until then, enjoy the issue.

💰 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales
It’s that time of year again for huge sales. Apps are no exception.
Aaron Pearce, who creates wonderful apps for HomeKit, has discounted his apps from today to November 30th. If you are a HomeKit user, definitely check these out.
Aaron Pearce
Introducing my first ever Black Friday sale on my HomeKit apps:

- HomeLog and HomeCam for $3.99 ($1 off).
- HomePass for $1.99 ($1 off).
- HomeRun Lifetime for only $9.99 ($5 off)!

Valid from now until the 30th of November.
MacStories discounted their Shortcuts and Perspective Icon packs to 40% off. If you create Shortcuts and are tired of the few glyphs that Apple provides, the Shortcuts icon pack is amazing.
MacStories Shortcuts Icons and Perspective Icons: 40% Off from Black Friday to Cyber Monday - MacStories
MacRumors has curated a huge list of the deals across many Apple devices. If you’ve been debating on upgrading a device, now would be a good time to jump on these deals.
Best Black Friday Deals on Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, MacBook Pro, More - MacRumors
💡 Interesting Shortcuts Ideas
I came across this tweet by Adam Marczak. Here is used Automation on Shortcuts for Mac to remove backgrounds from pictures.
Adam Marczak
Automating common tasks with Mac shortcuts is soo fun! With just a few steps I can remove a background from my pictures. This should improve my content creation workflow! 🤩😍
Using an Automator action, Derek Kessler is able to simply convert a webp image dragged into a folder (in this case his desktop) to a jpeg automatically.
Although this can be done in Shortcuts, the “Monitor as folder and perform a certain action” action is not available in Shortcuts for Mac. I can only assume that this will eventually be a feature added to Shortcuts since Apple is dubbing it the “future of automation on the Mac.”
This is definitely something I will be using!
Derek Kessler
@jareddipane Automator is better for this.

I’ve set it up so a webp dragged to my desktop will automatically convert to jpg.
This tweet from Marcus Brown shows how you can create a reminder that links you back to the specific automation so you can make changes when needed.
Marcus R. Brown
It dawned on me to create a reminder while editing an automation in the Shortcuts app, using Siri. A serialized NSUserActivity is attached to the generated reminder. The editor launches when you tap the icon, but using the Library editor instead of the Automations interface.
📰 Shortcuts Stories this week
Jarrod Blundy from wrote up a couple great posts about Shortcuts Tips.
The first post he details how he grabs the Tweet URL of a tweet and then uses the “Get contents of URL” action to return the HTML code that you can easily add to your post.
Shortcuts Tips: Copy as Embedded Tweet — HeyDingus
Jarrod also put together a Shortcut that will add Amazon affiliate links to product URLs. He provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how he built it. If you’re part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, definitely read up on this.
Shortcuts Tips: Amazon Affiliate Linker — HeyDingus
Federico Vittici has done it again! This time creating a brilliant Mac Shortcut that grabs all the urls in your Safari Reading List. If you are wanting to migrate to a different read later app, this is definitely the needed tool.
Federico Viticci
Want to migrate from Safari Reading List to a different read-later app?

I made Reading List Exporter, a native Mac shortcut that exports all URLs from Reading List in seconds.

Free for everyone:

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Pushcut got a new update that brings home screen widgets! These widgets can be automated using Shortcuts or a webhook.
Check out the thread for all the details.
Pushcut 2021.6 is here, and it’s all about widgets!
You can now create entirely custom widgets and automate the widgets’ contents using Shortcuts, Zapier or the URL webhooks! (1/7)
🍎 Apple News this week
Apple’s new DIY repair program is still a hot topic. The Right-to-Repair movement seems to have opened the eyes of Apple.
Tim Cook talked with Rich Demuro from KTLA about the program.
Apple CEO Tim Cook Interview! He talks repairs, stores, AI and what's next
Apple CEO Tim Cook Interview! He talks repairs, stores, AI and what's next
Apple will now notify you if you been a target of spyware attacks on your Apple devices. This comes on the heels of the news of the NSO Group using an exploit (now fixed) in the devices to install the Pegasus software.
Apple Outlines How It Will Notify Users Who Have Been Targeted by State-Sponsored Spyware Attacks - MacRumors
Kuo says the much anticipated AR headset from Apple will be coming in late 2022.
Kuo: Apple AR Headset Coming in Late 2022 With Mac-Level Computing Power - MacRumors
Well that’s it for this week. Until next time, have a great weekend!
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