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Everything Apple Newsletter - Issue #2

Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch
Welcome back for another issue of “Everything Apple Newsletter.”
This week has been busy for both Apple News and myself personally. If you noticed, I hadn’t been as active on Twitter. I have been dealing with some personal family stuff, and that has taken my focus.
Anyways, let’s get into the newsletter. Enjoy!

HomeKit and Automation
Matt Corey, the developer of Signals for HomeKit, is working on adding some more triggers for Shortcuts.
Matt Corey
Working on adding Temperature and Humidity as a trigger for Shortcuts, for the next build of Signals for HomeKit. Send yourself, or even a neighbor a text when it gets too hot or cold, especially if you’re on vacation. What else would you use it for?
Being able to send notifications for Temperature and Humidity is amazing. You can see my reaction in my tweet.
I ran across this tweet from Adam Bradley that shows how you can use NFC tags with the Time Conditional actions in Shortcuts. He walks you through all the steps to set it up.
What sort of Shortcuts could you create with this integration? Let me know!
Adam Bradley
🔥 New video is live! 🔥

🔵 How To Use NFC Tags with Time Conditional Siri Shortcuts!

⏰ One NFC Tag can run different actions based on time of day

⚡️I walk you through step by step how to set this up.

➡️ ⬅️

ps. I show off my dance moves 🤣
Are you looking to get a video doorbell? Why not find one to integrate with Apple HomeKit. iMore created a list of the best video doorbells that work with the Home app.
Best HomeKit video doorbells 2021
This past week brought some more interesting Shortcuts and integrations from the community. Here is what I came across.
Shortcut actions are the guts of any Shortcut. The app comes with quite a few available actions that allow you to do numerous things with Shortcuts. Having more just makes any Shortcut more powerful!
I came across an app (available for macOS and iOS) that provides additional actions to use within the Shortcuts app.
In iOS, we can create automations that will run a chosen Shortcut based on different triggers. When Apple released Shortcuts for Mac, automations weren’t included until now.
Reddit user u/Lrrrs developed an app for the Mac that allows you to create custom automations. I am looking forward to using this!
Shortery - The missing automation tool for Mac Shortcuts : shortcuts
Selecting text from websites and apps just got easier. I came across this Shortcut that allows you to capture or portion of your device screen and then extract the text. The text is then copied to your clipboard.
macOS Shortcuts: Capture Text From Your Screen
Shortcuts for Mac got some usability refinements in macOS 15.2 beta 2. Originally when you had a Shortcut that prompted you to select a choice from a choice window, the design of it was really not implemented well for macOS.
As Jason Snell brought out, the design has been refined and looks a lot sleeker.
Jason Snell
Latest macOS beta has fixed the bad metrics on choice windows from Shortcuts
Here is the newer layout of the choice menu from that tweet (embedding a tweet doesn’t show all the images 😒).
I always forget various markdown codes for things like images, links, etc.
I came across this tweet from Josh Puetz that shares a Shortcut he created, which creates an image link in markdown and copies it to your clipboard.
I will be creating different ones for the other markdown codes I can never remember.
Josh Puetz 🏳️‍🌈
Shortcuts on Mac OS Monterey isn't perfect, but it's better than not having it! Just wrote a shortcut to create a markdown image link because I can never remember the syntax. (You can grab it here:
Here is something that will frustrate Shortcut users on macOS. When using the time variable action, when you select a particular date and time, you are presented with an analog clock and have to drag the clock hands around to choose the time. This needs to be corrected fast by Apple!
Ed Cormany
to set a time variable in Monterey Shortcuts you have to drag analog clock hands with a mouse are you fucking kidding me
Apple seemed to have fixed the local storage paths in the files action. Paths are automatically switched based on which platform you run your Shortcut.
Federico Viticci
I don't know when Apple fixed it, but as of the latest iOS/iPadOS/macOS betas, local storage paths in Shortcuts automatically translate across platforms.

On My iPhone becomes On My iPad or the Documents folder on Mac, and vice versa.

Fantastic change for file automations 🎉
Here’s another helpful Shortcut that grabs the current URL from Safari and copies it to your clipboard. You can even assign a keyboard shortcut to run it. Thanks, Sridhar, for this impressive Shortcut.
Sridhar Katakam
#Shortcuts app's shortcut to copy active tab URL in Safari on #macOS to clipboard by pressing ⌘+U:

Thanks to @macmost.
Rick also created a rather sleek and useful Shortcut. Dubbed “Planning Mode,” this Shortcut changes focus, closes certain apps, and then opens needed apps while highlighting two and splitting the screen between them.
Rick Dronkers
Shortcut mode in MacOS is pretty powerful. I’ve created a new shortcut called “planning mode” which opens my todo list, calendar and notes, quits all other apps, and deactivates all notifications for 30 min. This was just the first thing that came to mind, lots of potential...
Apple News
iCloud for Windows got a welcomed surprise in the latest update. You can now generate passwords and store them in your Keychain.
iCloud for Windows gets a built in password generator
When iOS 15 came out, Apple included the ability to hide your email (available to iCloud+ subscribers) when setting up accounts online or signing up for newsletters, etc.
In the beta of 15.2, you can now use this feature directly inside the Mail app.
iOS 15.2 Beta: How to Use the Hide My Email Feature in the Mail App
As 2021 comes to a close, what’s in store for the iMac in 2022? Here are some possible expectations.
Roundup: Here’s what to expect from the iMac lineup in 2022
When macOS Monterey was released, Apple added new features. One of those features was Quick Notes. Quick Notes allows you to quickly create notes by dragging your mouse to the bottom right of your screen. Here’s a tip on how to use this new feature.
How to use Quick Notes on macOS Monterey | AppleInsider
In a rather surprising turn of events, Apple announced a new Self-Repair service available for individuals. This will allow those comfortable with repairing their own devices access to genuine Apple parts and tools.
Apple announces Self Service Repair - Apple
Beautiful framed Apple devices
Well, that’s a wrap for Issue #2!
Until next time, have a great week and weekend ahead. Please reply with suggestions regarding Shortcuts or help you may need - I enjoy seeing what the community is creating and are always willing to help!
Discover a new Shortcut or create one yourself? Please share it with me!
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Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch @winphankyle

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