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Everything Apple Newsletter - Issue #1

Kyle Reddoch
Kyle Reddoch
Welcome to the first issue of “Everything Apple Newsletter”.
Apple has been busy lately with beta releases, new programs, etc. it’s never a dull moment in the news for Apple.
If my memory serves me correctly, we are on Week 3 of having Shortcuts on Mac. Apps adding support for Mac Shortcuts are still coming! People are also digging into the Shortcuts actions specific for the Mac and are creating some really stellar Shortcuts.

🛠 Shortcuts Ideas
Chris Lawley, one of the well known Shortcuts enthusiasts, recently published a video showing the Shortcuts he uses everyday. These are some nice ones and very useful.
Are you a Apple HomeKit user? I came across this tweet that allows you to get a Home Status Report via a Shortcut. See things like; doors open, locks unlocked, and more.
Shane Whatley
New Video!

AMAZING Siri Shortcut for #HomeKit! 🤯

If you’ve ever wanted to create a Home Status Report for your smart home, you gotta try this! Find out if you left any doors open, locks unlocked, etc. and even automate it!

⬇️ ⬇️ Check it out! ⬇️ ⬇️
I came across this tweet from Fabrizio Rinaldi sharing a shortcut he created for when he’s “out”. I really like seeing various Shortcuts being shared.
fabrizio rinaldi
very happy with my “I’m out” shortcut

it hides all apps, sets volume to 0%, starts screensaver, and turns off my desk light

highly recommended ✌️
One of the possibilities with Shortcuts on the Mac is the ability to tap into the existing AppleScript integrations. So if you have AppleScripts created, you an run them in Shortcuts.
A terrific AppleScript Shortcut example is this one from Jeremy Duncan. His “Extract Presenter Notes” Shortcut taps into the deep integration of AppleScripts in the Keynote app.
Jeremy Duncan
Upgraded to Monterey today. Happy to say that my simple custom script for extracting Presenter Notes from Keynote works in the new Shortcuts app 🙏
❤️ Apps with Shortcuts support
Timery, one of the popular time tracking apps that connects to Toggl, added Shortcuts support for various time tracking functions to make your routine easier.
Timery 1.3.1 is available on the App Store!

This update brings:
• Improved support for Monterey and Shortcuts for Mac(!)
• Recent time entries in the Mac menu bar item
• A tag customization option
• Some reports fixes
DataJar, one of my most favorite apps I use for creating Shortcuts, added support for the Mac Shortcuts app. It adds all the same actions as the iOS version.
Simon B. Støvring
Data Jar for Mac is launching today 🥳

It supports all the same Shortcuts actions as the iOS apps and it syncs with your other devices using iCloud.

Data Jar for Mac is free with a tip jar. Get it here:
PDF squeezer is a nice and convenient app that allows you to compress PDFs. Currently it’s been updated to add three actions but the developer is open to suggestions for more.
Daniel Witt
Today PDF Squeezer has been updated to work with #macOSMonterey and the new Shortcuts app. For now I’ve included three actions, but I am happy to hear suggestions for other Actions.
MusicHarbor allows you to keep track of artists and upcoming albums. The new update brings Shortcuts support as well as macOS Monterey’s new Quick Note feature.
Marcos Tanaka
Are you installing to macOS Monterey today? Be sure to update MusicHarbor to version 1.1.2 to get support for Shortcuts and Quick Note!
Federico, The Godfather of Shortcuts, has gathered up quite of list of macOS apps that have Shortcut support and the actions they support. If you get a moment, I suggest you check out his Club MacStories if you haven’t already. The membership has amazing benefits.
Federico Viticci
Intrigued by the new Shortcuts app for macOS Monterey and wondering what you can do with it?

We've rounded up 27 of the best Shortcuts-compatible Mac apps, with details on the actions they offer.

Have fun playing with these:
 Apple in the News
Tim Cook the other day spoke about the topic of side loading apps onto the iPhone. Tim has a strong opinion about the issue and says that if anyone wants to side load apps, they can use Android. 👀 Says Safety Measures are important to Apple.
Tim Cook: Users Who Want to Sideload Apps Can Use Android, While the iPhone Experience Maximizes 'Security and Privacy' - MacRumors
Can you believe it’s already been a year since Apple Silicon and the M1 chips arrived in Macs? Seems just like yesterday.
Today Marks the One Year Anniversary of the First Apple Silicon Macs by @rsgnl
Apple introduced a new service for business/enterprise called Apple Business Essentials. It combines device management, 24/7 support & iCloud storage into one simple plan.
It’s good to see Apple strengthening their services offering. With the news of companies dishing out the new MacBook Pro’s with the M1 chips to their development teams, I see this trend growing substantially in the coming years.
Apple introduces Apple Business Essentials - Apple
📔 Shortcuts User Guide
If you don’t know about it already, Apple has a User Guide for Shortcuts that covers the basics, automation, and even goes deeper into Advanced Shortcuts. I highly recommend taking a look at it!
Shortcuts User Guide - Apple Support
Of course now that Shortcuts is on the Mac, Apple has a User Guide for Mac with actions specific for that system.
Shortcuts User Guide for Mac - Apple Support (MY)
🎯 Shortcuts Gallery
I am in the process of moving my gallery of Shortcuts over to my new site/blog (if you haven’t taken a look at it, you can find it here) This will take me a bit but once they are in there I think everyone will like it. Plus, there’s room for improvement.
In the meantime, I do have them organized in Airtable.
Airtable - Kyle Reddoch's Shortcuts Gallery
💬 Tips or Requests
Have you come across a cool shortcut or interesting news article? Feel free to share it with me on Twitter and I will put it in upcoming newsletters. Also, if you have any requests, share them too. Let’s make this a collaborative newsletter!
Well that is it for this issue of Everything Apple Newsletter.
Have a good day ✌🏼
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Kyle Reddoch
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